690.56 Remote Located Power Sources Engraved Map
(UV Acrylic)

Specialty Solar Supply

  • $29.75

Product Description

For use in state and local electrical codes that have adopted the NFPA70 2008 to 2017 National Electric Code®.

Code Article: 690.56
Years: (2008)(2011)(2014)(2017)(2020)
Size: custom
Certification: UL 94

Quantity discounts are for multiple copies of the SAME map. If you have 2 different maps, they should be entered separately on the order as another map.

Pricing is determined by time it takes to import, conform & setup, material size, and engraving time. Subsequent copies are priced for engraving time and material and cost less.

6x6 for maps to 36 sq in.
6x8 for maps to 48 sq in.
8x8 for maps to 64 sq in.
10x10 for maps to 100 sq in.
12x12 for maps to 144 sq in.

Uses: Use this custom directory map plaque on buildings or structures that have both utility power and photovoltaic systems to indicate locations of service disconnecting means and PV system disconnecting means. One map for each location is required if they are not co-located, within sight, or more than 50ft away from each other.

Email original PDF plan sets and we can usually extract map with the least effort. Simple line drawings can also be submitted in PDF format. JPEG, PNG, Bitmap, etc images will require recreating before engraving and pricing will be determined by time taken to prepare. We use Corel Draw for graphics work, so that file format is preferred if possible.

Please upload or email file and include color, text, and size to labelinfo@specialtysolarsupply.com

Note: Our unconditional return policy does not apply to custom labels, so make sure it says what the AHJ expects.

Outdoor UV stable acrylic with 3M outdoor adhesive.

Note: Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), commonly the electrical inspector, has final approval of wording and can require different wording to fit unique local requirements or unusual installations. We will accept returns of stock labeling that will not work with local codes for credit or refund. We can provide custom labeling in any quantity to meet unique local codes and unique installations.

Warranty Information
Our labels made of sturdy thick-cap outdoor UV stable acrylic and will remain highly visible for years. We will replace defective labels for a period of 2 years.

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