Solar Tie, 11.9”, 56lb<br />(HT 111-01266)

Solar Tie, 11.9”, 56lb
(HT 111-01266)


  • $3,700.00

Product Description

Used in the solar industry and other applications, these inside serrated cable ties are manufactured from Polyamide 11 that provides excellent UV, chemical, and moisture resistance to allow for a longer life span in outdoor use. This material is recommended for applications exposed to metal oxides. The head design guarantees high tensile strength, as well as a low insertion force. Tensioning tools are available to ensure consistent and safe installation.

Spec: Solar Tie, 11.9“ Long, 56lb Tensile Strength, PA11W, Black, 100/pkg

Size: 11.9“ Tie
HellermannTyton Part No. 111-01266
Type: GL300
Material: PPA11W, Black
Global Part Name: GL300-PA11W-BK
Flammability Rating:
Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ): 5000

Uses: Used in the solar industry and other applications to hold wires, signs, etc...


  • Nylon 11 cable ties provide excellent resistance to UV, chemical and moisture sensitive environments
  • Inside serrations and smooth edges allow for a strong grip on cables and wire bundles without damaging them
  • Head design provides high tensile strength with very low insertion force

Warranty Information

HellermannTyton products are simply the best products for solar use. They are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Their website has more information.

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