Closed-End Blind Rivets 1/8″

Closed-End Blind Rivets 1/8"

$3.50 — $32.00

These rivets should be used on labels requiring a physical, non-removeable, permanent fastener. Some AHJ’s require a permanent fastener in addition to the supplied adhesive on labeling.

These rivet fasteners should make any inspector happy.

  • • No sharp pointed screws inside enclosures.
  • • Small size makes placement easy even on small labels.
  • • Sealed end preserves water resistance of enclosure.
  • • Entirely made of non-corroding aluminum.

1/8″ Hole required. Will grip from 1/8″(.188)-1/4″(.250) and will work with our thin and thick labels.

Available in bags of 10 or 100.

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