Solar Panel Cleaning


Polywater® Solar Panel Wash™ was developed for spot-free cleaning all types of solar panels without oxidizing or staining aluminum mounting rails.

    • Polywater washes away dust, bird droppings, pollution, pollen, tree sap, and more that reduce the output of solar panel generation.

• Approved for use on most types of solar panels by Canadian Solar, Solar World, JASolar, Jinko, and more.

• Biodegradable, phosphate-free, chlorine-free, and non-flammable.

• pH neutral, unlike car-washes which are alkaline and will oxidize aluminum.

• Contains no solvents or VOCs.

• Rinses with tap water and does not require a deionized water rinse.

Solar Panels require regular cleaning to maximize system performance and longevity.

The best time to clean solar panels is early in the morning (when it is cool) to minimize thermal stress that could cause damage to the panels.

Inspect the entire solar array system prior to cleaning to detect loose or broken wires, panels, or improperly functioning apparatus. Make necessary repairs before cleaning.

Recommended dilution ratio is 1 part Solar Panel Wash SPW to 25 parts water (25-1).

Sizes Available: 5-Gallon, (4) 1-Gallon Jugs Case, 1-Quart, and 1-Quart Sprayer.

5-Gallon size and the case of (4) 1-Gallon Jugs will ship directly from Polywater and will include additional shipping charges.

The 1-Quart Sprayer and 1-Quart Refill combos will ship with a small shipping surcharge of $4.00.




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