Solar Placards


Rotary cap QA2Our Placards Stand the Test of Time
Our placards are made with the highest-quality, UV-stable, exterior-grade 1/16″ Standard and 1/8″ Heavy-Duty acrylic. They maintain their original color even in the toughest environments because the thick color-cap resists fading much longer than thin cap laser engraved placards. Exterior-grade 3M adhesive mounting film is already applied and is designed for temperature extremes and moisture that outdoor solar equipment endures.

Info on 3M 467 MP Adhesive.
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Inspectors Prefer Engraved Labels
Most inspectors like to see attention-getting colored engraved labels because they know the critical PV system information will last for the life of the PV system itself.

Sized to Fit Most Applications

Most of our labels are 4 to 6 inches wide and vary in height for wording. This means that our labels will easily fit on most electrical enclosures. We can provider sizes for custom labels from 1 inch to 12 inches wide.

6 Year Long Term Test

-Top three placards with Thick-Cap Rotary Engraving no fading.
-Bottom placard Laser Engraved that has faded substantially.



Affordable Bulk PricingRapidDiscosm
We can provide you with inexpensive bulk labels for your most commonly used labels and system specific labels at very reasonable prices. We keep your custom label designs so re-ordering more is easy, quick, and affordable.







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